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The Inspiration for Straight outta Styria comes from the capital city of Styria, Graz. Thus, its gameplay, art and sound effects all revolve around it. With the idea of exploring in mind, Straight outta Styria sets the player up on a journey through the sights and famous places of Graz.

Straight Outta Styria is a 2D platformer game with enemies and the player referencing Austrian culture in this sidescrolling world.  In the game, the player has to reach the end of the level whilst dodging enemy fire and the level itself.  The player has complete control on how to approach beating the level. Whether it be by destroying enemies or simply weaving through their shots.

The controls are:

Move: Arrow Keys or W, A, S, D

Jump: Space

Fire: F

Use Potion: Ctrl (left)

Use Shield: Alt (left)

Climb: Shift

Release date Mar 06, 2020
Made withUnity
Tags2D, gdd1-2019
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


Standalone.zip 21 MB
WebGL.zip 7 MB

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